March 13, 2007 - 17:40 AMT
Dogu Perincek appealed court's verdict
Leader of Turkish Workers' Party Dogu Perincek, who was convicted of denying the Armenian Genocide lodged a complaint against the verdict of a Swiss court. Lawyer Loran Moreyon said that Perincek appealed to the court of Swiss canton of Wo, AP reports.

Visiting Switzerland in 2005 Perincek twice declared that the Armenian Genocide is an "international lie". During the process judge Pier-Anri Winzap said those statements were "of unconcealed racist and nationalistic character. And there are no mitigating circumstances in defendant's actions". Perincek himself was characterized as an "arrogant provocateur" by the judge. He stressed that although the Armenian Genocide issue is not included in the list of similar crimes by the International Court, it is a "historical fact, which was recognized by the Swiss society, and Perincek's statements were of provocative character". The court in Lausanne handed Perincek a suspended fine of SFr 9,000 ($7,336) as well as a one-off financial penalty of SFr 3,000. The court also ruled that Perincek would have to pay SFr 1,000 to the Swiss-Armenian Association as a symbolic gesture, which appeared as civil plaintiff.