April 10, 2007 - 18:44 AMT
Turkey delivers ultimatum to Iraqi government
After Kurdish region President Masud Barzani's statements against Turkey's territorial integrity and latest terror actions committed by members of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) when 10 Turkish soldiers died official Ankara protested Iraq government with diplomatic note, Turkish media appreciated this diplomatic note as ultimatum.

It said, "If you do not take urgent step against PKK we will act in accordance with the international law". The interpretation of this diplomatic expression means if Iraqi government does not prevent the activities of PKK terrorists, Turkey will occupy the north of Iraq.

Foreign Minister Abdulla Gul stated the same position in the talks with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. He condemned Masud Barzani of provocation and called US to calm down this man. "If you do not calm him down we will do it".

Following Abdullah Gul's request U.S. department's official spokesman Sean McCormack made a statement where he said Kurdish leader's opinions will have a bad impact on Turkey- Iraq relations and joint fight against PKK. The president of Iraq Jalal Talabani phoned Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He said he regretted on Masud Barzani's statement and talked on this issue with him. Jalal Talabani promised his utmost for the fight against terror organizations. "We are ready to fight jointly against terror organization". PKK's increased activity in the south-east of Turkey and Masud Barzani's territorial claims will be discussed in the Turkey National Security Council's session.

Iraqi Kurds leader, the chief of Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party Masud Barzani said that "If Turkey will interfere with Kirkuk affairs, he will do the same against Diyarbakir," he stressed, APA reports.