May 2, 2007 - 15:04 AMT
Armenian and Azeri students of PFUR collided in Moscow
May 1, a mass fight took place between the students of Azerbaijani and Armenian origin of the People Friendship University of Russia. The fight was stopped by OMON, however it continued in the backyard of the campus, where the students escaped. Some sources say, one man was taken to hospital with a gun wound. Over 20 people were detained, all are foreign citizens.

Two groups of young men with national flags of Azerbaijan and Armenia cried out "Karabakh! Karabakh!".

An event titled "Planet South West" was held in the PFUR on May 1. Nagorno Karabakh was on maps of Armenia and Azerbaijan that hang in pavilions of both republics.

The Moscow law enforcement is carrying out investigation. A criminal case may be initiated, IA Regnum reports.