May 19, 2007 - 15:01 AMT
Greek community of Armenia commemorated victims of Pontic Greek Genocide
February 19, 1994 the Greek parliament proclaimed May 19 the Remembrance Day of Pontic Greek Genocide perpetrated by Turks in 1916-1923.

The Greek community of Armenia and representatives of Armenian NGOs laid wreaths to the memorial to the Armenian Genocide victims. Some thousand people took part in the event.

353.000 Greeks were systematically exterminated in Asia Minor. The survivors left for Greece and Russia.

Greeks from Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh fought during in the national liberation war in Artsakh.

Presently, some 6000 Greeks live in Armenia and some 300 in Artsakh. They mostly reside in Aleverdy Canyon, Lori plateau, Yerevan, Noyemberyan and Gyumri.