February 11, 2017 - 16:00 AMT
Russia delivers medicine to Latakia amid U.S.-led sanctions

More than 200kg of medicine for children undergoing treatment in the Tishreen University Hospital organized by the Fair Aid foundation was delivered to the Russian-operated Khmeimim airbase in Latakia via a Russian Defense Ministry plane, Al Masdar News reports.

“We delivered here humanitarian cargo for patients of the Tishreen University Hospital, for children who are undergoing treatment in the general medical division and the special care nursery,” an aide to the organization’s executive director, Natalya Avilova, said. “We delivered 12 types of medicines weighting more than 200 kilograms in total.”

The spokeswoman then emphasized that there is a critical shortage of medicine in Syria because of US-led sanctions on the country.

“We had to intervene because they have wonderful doctors and other specialists, they have enough equipment to perform basic surgeries, but they have no medicines. There are medicines that are not available to them because of sanctions,” the official said. “More children can be treated and more lives can be saved if medicines of vital importance are delivered here in time.”

Meanwhile, a doctor in Syria explained that the only aid that arrives in the country comes from Russia.

“As long as I work here, I see only Russian aid. No one else helps. A delegation from the UK arrived once, they came in, looked, smiled and left. That’s all,” the Doctor Odai Joni said.