March 14, 2017 - 13:42 AMT
Armenia, EU soon to launch visa liberalization dialogue: foreign ministry

Armenia hopes to launch visa facilitation talks with the European Union soon, deputy foreign minister Karen Nazaryan said in an interview with the Independent Balkan News Agency.

"Visa liberalization dialogue for the citizens of Armenia has been referred to in the joint declaration of the Riga Summit of the Eastern Partnership in 2015; this is an important bilateral commitment on behalf of Armenia and the European Union to move towards that direction," Nazaryan said.

"Armenia is implementing the agreements on visa facilitation and readmission in good faith, and based on the positive assessment of the implementation of those agreements we hope very much to be able to launch the visa dialogue soon."

"We also count on the support of Greece and other partners in Europe," Nazaryan added.

Weighing in on relations with Turkey, the deputy foreign minister reminded that Armenia's border with the Muslim nation is still closed.

"This unilateral coercive measure imposed on Armenia is subject for international condemnation," he said.

"This move by the neighbouring country has to be revised in order to make the implementation of different projects possible in the region at large and create a conducive environment for regional cooperation. As a landlocked country we give an utmost importance to creating and maintaining a favourable political and economic environment in order to deepen our relations with the neighbouring countries, as well as the EU, Russia and others. So, we are very much interested in continuing the dialogue with Greece and other interested countries on this and other regional matters and I am glad that in many aspects, including on the issue of closed borders, we share the same views and positions."

As reported earlier, Armenia and the EU have concluded negotiations over a new framework agreement.