June 27, 2017 - 22:05 AMT
Armenia’s Yelk says time showed which party was created artificially

Armenia’s Yelk bloc has never linked its work with Yerkir Tsirani (Land of Apricot) party, and controversies inside the party can in no way affect the productivity of Yelk’s activities, Aysor.am cited a member of the bloc as saying on Tuesday, June 27.

Two out five Yerkir Tsirani members who had made it to the Yerevan City Council, left the faction to work independently.

According to Yelk and City Council member Alen Simonyan, time showed which political forces were created artificially, and which ones were experienced and reliable.

Also, Simonyan said, Yelk works hard to make the life better in the Armenian capital.