July 31, 2017 - 18:49 AMT
Upcoming Nokia 8 flagship to cost less than expected

While the upcoming Nokia 8 flagship has been the subject of several leaks and rumors so far, not much has been heard on the pricing front, except for a rumor earlier this month that the phone will cost just under €600.

Now, new price-related information has leaked, and it's bound to bring smile on the faces of potential buyers. The leak suggests the phone will be priced even lower - somewhere around €515 - €520 including taxes, GSMArena reports.

The leak comes from a leaked Vodafone Romania internal doc, which means it should be representative of the pricing throughout the EU. Granted, taxes vary from country to country so it might change a little, but nothing too dramatic.

The Snapdragon 835-powerd device will be made official on August 16.