November 11, 2017 - 14:14 AMT
Armenian students create Breedge to help employees find interns

Armenian students have created Breedge, a platform for establishing a fast and easy connection between employees and students.

The startup seeks to help entrepreneurs find the best suited interns and potential employees in the future.

Students can create accounts on the platform, detailing their professional skills and education. The system, meanwhile, will choose the best candidates and introduce them to companies looking for interns.

In case of paid internship, prices stand at $5 per candidate interviewed and 30% per candidate accepted to an internship position.

For unpaid internship, the companies pay the same $5 for the interview, and $25 per candidate accepted to an internship position.

In any case, the platform is absolutely free for students.

The team was created during Startup Boost Weekend, where it took the first prize and is now working in the AUA EPIC startup incubator.