November 15, 2017 - 18:56 AMT
Karabakh draft budget sets 8% GDP growth target for 2018

Nagorno Karabakh's (Artsakh) draft budget for 2018 envisages an 8% economic growth, finance minister Grigori Martirosyan said on Wednesday, November 15.

Discussions on the document started on Wednesday in the National Assembly of Artsakh.

According to Martirosyan, the country's social and economic policy for next year will be aimed at the implementation of programs for ensuring sustainable economic growth, state-building processes and institutions boosting defense capacity.

The finance minister said that the draft budget envisages an 8% GDP growth, price level stability, with housing for resettlement programs taking center stage.

Artsakh's consolidated state budget will amount to AMD 97,1 billion, expenditures will stand at AMD 101,4 billion with a deficit of AMD 4,2 billion.