December 15, 2017 - 14:28 AMT
Syria's operator/gunners and gunsmiths "turn out to be Armenians"

Russian sportsman and actor Sergey Badyuk who recently flew to Syria to volunteer as a war journalist on the conflict in the Middle East, has revealed interesting details about Armenians who are also participating in military operations.

"I was struck by a meeting near Hanasser where I spotted a cross on the chest of a radio operator/gunner of an anti-aircraft system," Badyuk said.

"I was amazed. I asked his name to learn that he was Armenian and his name was Raphael. It turned out that practically all operator/gunners and gunsmiths were Armenians there."

"Then I was shooting a plant in Aleppo, which produced mines and ammunition, and all the workers there were also Armenians. The distance between the factory and the line of contact was only a few meters. Can you imagine? And all the local production falls on the shoulders of the Armenian Diaspora," Badyuk added.