February 23, 2018 - 11:02 AMT
Armenia says always there to help Lebanon to defy challenges

Armenia is always there to support Lebanon in defying the challenges facing the Eastern Asian nation, president Serzh Sargsyan said at an official dinner in honor of his Lebanese counterpart Michel Aoun on Thursday, February 22.

In his speech, Sargsyan expressed gratitude to Lebanon for standing by the Armenian people during the tragic events of history and accommodating some of the Genocide survivors.

“Unfortunately, the Middle East is experiencing new tragedies that reaffirm that the philosophy of the Armenian Genocide still persists in the 21st century, and that our struggle to prevent [genocides] is not yet over,” the Armenian leader said.

“I would like to stress Armenia’s readiness to support Lebanon and express hope that the Lebanese people will be able to defy the challenges with dignity.”

Earlier, Sargsyan and Aoun held high-level meeting to discuss issues of mutual interest and gave a joint press conference.