February 26, 2018 - 18:39 AMT
Georgia smoking ban coming into effect in May

A ban on smoking in public areas in Georgia will enter into force starting from May 1 after the country’s parliament approved an anti-tobacco legislation in May 2017.

Under the changes, the country is banning smoking in public places such as in bars, restaurants, hotels, cafes, while open verandas or terraces of bars and restaurants won’t be affected.

According to experts, by adopting such a strict anti-tobacco law, Georgia is closer to European standards.

A draft law prohibiting tobacco smoking in public spaces was recently unveiled in Armenia too. The bill unveiled just recently imposes major fines for smoking in public catering facilities, hotels, cars, medical, cultural, entertainment centers and other spaces prohibited by law.

A great number of social media users have taken to Facebook to express their discontent with the decision.