March 5, 2018 - 10:33 AMT
Haftar government requests Russian base in Libya

About two weeks ago, leader of the Libyan Tobruk government Field Marshal General Haftar requested Russian military authorities to establish a base in the war-torn country, Al-Masdar News reports.

Speaking to Egypt’s Youm7 weekly release, Head of the Russian Contact Group in Libya Lev Dengov confirmed that Haftar had in fact directly contacted the Russian Ministry of Defence in asking for a Russian military base to be established in Libya.

Dengov could not confirm whether or not Haftar’s request was accepted by Russian military-diplomatic authorities.

In what is now the fourth year of a renewed civil war, pro-Haftar forces have gained control of about two-thirds of Libya from rival polities. Non-state jihadist entities like the Islamic State aside, the main opposition to Haftar’s complete take over of Libya is the Western-backed Islamist Tripoli government.

Although yet to engage in proper bilateral military cooperation, Haftar has – since the start of the second civil war – maintained warm relations with Russia.