March 21, 2018 - 16:18 AMT
French-Armenian boxer to fight for WBA Cruiserweight title

French-Armenian boxer Arsen Golulamirian and Ryad Merhy, a native of Côte d’Ivoire of Belgian nationality, will have a clash of undefeated boxers on Saturday, March 24 in Marseille, France, the World Boxing Association said.

Both boxers will fight to stay with the WBA Cruiserweight Championship, which is currently vacant.

Goulamirian, born in Armenia with French nationality, will try to maintain his immaculate record against Merhy. Goulamirian was the body’s continental champion of the weight division in the past, while Merhy has owned the intercontinental belt of the same division.

Goulamirian has 22 wins, no losses and 14 knockouts, while Merhy has a record of 24 wins, no defeats and 20 knockouts.