April 3, 2018 - 13:40 AMT
Russian-Armenian restaurateurs serve Italian food in Berlin

In January 2017, Russia-based restaurateur of Armenian origin Aram Mnatsakanov, the owner of several establishments in Moscow and St. Petersburg, together with his son Mikhail opened his first restaurant abroad - Mine in Berlin's Charlottenburg - which serves Italian food.

In 2017, Mine's revenue amounted to more than €1.4 million, but the owners did not yet account the profits.

In their coverage of the new restaurant, German newspapers called its owner "the Russian Jamie Oliver."

€2.5 million have been invested and 1.5 years were spent on the project, enabling Aram and Mikhail to open the space in the heart of the prestigious district in the German capital, with the monthly revenue totaling about €120,000.

€1 million were further spent on renovation and repair work, while the high cost of labor in Germany was compensated by low expenses for equipment.