April 9, 2018 - 17:07 AMT
Iranians reportedly killed, wounded in Israeli strike on Syrian airbase

The missile strike by Israeli warplanes on Syria’s T-4 military airport on early Monday, April 9 morning has resulted in the death and wounding of on-site Iranian military personnel according to the Russian Federal News Agency, Al-Masdar News reports.

Claiming to be quoting journalists on the ground, the Russian Federal News Agency has reported that two Iranian servicemen were killed and another 7 injured has a result of three missiles striking the Syrian airbase.

Sources report that a total of eight missiles made up the volley that was launched at the T-4 site but that 5 of them were intercepted by Syrian air defense units before reaching their targets.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claims that 14 military personnel were killed in the Israel missile strike, Iranians among them.

According to the Russian military, the strikes were carried out from Lebanese airspace.

Five out of eight strikes, carried out by the Israeli F-15 jets, were destroyed by Syrian air defenses, the ministry said.