May 21, 2018 - 10:56 AMT
Armenia’s Tumo to run Albania's new multifunctional technology center

The Tumo Center for Creative Technologies - a free of charge digital media learning hub in Armenia - will run the new building of Albania's communist-era pyramid, which will become a new center for technology, art and culture, featuring mega urban staircases that reach to the peak point.

World-renowned Dutch firm MVRDV has released plans to transform the 11,800-square-metre former communist monument, which will act as a large multifunctional technology education center for young people.

MVRDV's Tirana Pyramid is expected to be completed in June 2019.

Located in the city center and former Enver Hoxha Museum, the Tirana Pyramid was opened in 1988. It was designed in honour of Albania's former communist leader by a group of architects including Hoxha's architect daughter, Panvera Hoxha. The building has undergone several uses over the years. It served as a temporary base for NATO during Balkan Wars, and Post-War, it has been used as nightclub and event space.

Featuring the generous use of glass on the outer façade, the building is currently closed and inaccessible. MVRDV’s design scheme will open up the ground level on all sides, making the entire program porous and accessible, World Architecture says.

The firm will also convert the current darkened atrium into a light-filled and attractive interior space, as well as lift the current dreariness of interior spaces making them more welcoming. Due to the vast ceiling height within, trees and other greenery will be introduced into this monumental atrium.

The new building will be run by Tumo, a new kind of learning program where teenagers are in charge of their own education at the intersection of technology and design.