June 21, 2018 - 11:07 AMT
Yerevan Taraz Fest: Armenia capital gearing up for folk costume festival

The 2018 edition of Yerevan Taraz Fest, a celebration of national Armenian fashion and culture will be held on August 4 on North Avenue in downtown Yerevan.

The event will showcase designer collections, culture of other countries, giving participants the opportunity to take photos in national costumes.

Yerevan Taraz Fest is a platform where folk artists and modern Armenian designers will represent their creations, using elements of taraz -the national Armenian costume - in their works.

The clothing that Armenians used to wear in the various periods of history always reflected the nation’s rich cultural tradition. Wool, fur, silk, cotton and other quality materials were used to prepare the traditional Armenian taraz, worn by women, men and children alike.

August 4 will unite museums and taraz masters in one of the noisiest parts of Yerevan, while Teryan Cultural Center and individual designers will display their latest masterpieces in the evening.