July 16, 2018 - 10:30 AMT
Armenian is a "fascinating" language worth learning: The Daily Caller

The Armenian tongue has been included in the list of five languages with unique qualities that make them interesting to study and learn. In an article published on Sunday, July 15, The Daily Caller unveils the "fascinating languages off the beaten track that are worth taking the time to learn."

"Armenian, the official language of Armenia, shares many unique qualities that might seem daunting but also fascinating for English speakers to study," the article says.

The heavily inflected language has a unique 39-letter script and was first created in 405 AD to translate the Hebrew Bible and Christian New Testament, according to Brittannica.com.

Armenian is an independent branch of the Indo-European languages. Historically being spoken throughout the Armenian Highlands, today the language is widely spoken in Armenia and throughout the Armenian Diaspora.

Polish, Russian, Hungarian and Romanian have also made it to the list of the five most interesting languages, which, according to the article, are bound to be a great way to learn about another country’s history and culture!

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