July 30, 2018 - 15:34 AMT
Army says breaks into last Islamic State stronghold in southwest Syria

The Syrian army continues to roll into the Islamic State-controlled enclave in southwest Syria amid massive militant collapse, Al-Masdar News reports.

Having recaptured the town of Abdin early on, the government troops are now fighting to storm al-Shajarah; the last main bastion for the group in the area.

A military source spoke of the unprecedented resistance shown by IS militants to prevent the fall of their last fortress, where they are ‘using everything they have from VBIEDs to suicide bombers with explosive vests’ in order to curb the Army’s advance.

The battles for al-Shajarah town have resulted in the death of scores of IS militants, including the town’s Emir called Abu al-Walid al-Masri; an infamous extremist of an Egyptian nationality.

In a related context, the government forces have uncovered a weapon depot for the organization just outside al-Shajarah town, which contains various weapons including the US-made TOW missiles, in addition to huge quantities of IEDs and landmines.