August 24, 2018 - 18:02 AMT
Armenia could impose major fines under proposed smoke-free law

Armenia could impose fines of AMD 50,000 (apx. $103) for smoking and AMD 800,000 ($1656) for advertising tobacco products in public places, Deputy Health Minister Lena Nanushyan has revealed, according to Yerkir Media.

A person who holds a public office could be fined AMD 200,000 if they fail to take necessary measures if the law on cigarettes is violated in their territory.

According to Nanushyan, the anti-smoking bill is still under development.

She added that smoking in any public space will be banned altogether.

In January, a bill was unveiled which sought to impose major fines for smoking in public catering facilities, hotels, cars, medical, cultural, entertainment centers and other spaces prohibited by law.

A great number of social media users took to Facebook to express their discontent with the decision. Smokers in Armenia even gathered at the Republic Square in downtown Yerevan to protest the draft law back in winter.