September 28, 2018 - 11:50 AMT
Azerbaijan receives new batch of Polonez systems from Belarus

A new batch of Polonez multiple launch rocket systems has been delivered to Azerbaijan from Belarus, Azerbaijan's Ministry of Defense revealed on Thursday, September 27.

"Under an intergovernmental agreement between Azerbaijan and Belarus, another batch of Polonez 301-mm operational-tactical missile systems has been delivered to Azerbaijan," the Ministry said.

At the opening of a military unit of missile forces back in June, Azerbaijan demonstrated Polonaise Belarusian multiple launch rocket systems and Israeli-made LORA Short-Range Ballistic Missiles.

Photos from the event show Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, accompanied by Defense Minister, Colonel-General Zakir Hasanov, passing by a number of Polonaise complexes.

Experts believe that the purchase can be regarded as a response to the acquisition of Iskander systems by Armenia.

Armenia first received Iskander short-range ballistic missile systems in 2016 which were for the first time showcased at a parade marking the 25th anniversary of the country's independence.