October 1, 2018 - 11:13 AMT
Syrian Army says rebels have yet to withdraw from Idlib buffer zone

An officer from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) said on Monday, October 1 morning that the rebel forces inside the Idlib buffer zone have yet to withdraw, despite some reports claiming otherwise, Al-Masdar News reports.

The officer said the Syrian Arab Army has been monitoring the buffer zone to make sure the rebel forces fulfill their obligation and withdraw from the area.

However, the source says there has been no movement from the rebels, adding that they continue to target the government areas with artillery shells and missiles.

According to the officer, the Syrian Arab Army is not required to withdraw from any points, nor have they been asked to remove their heavy weapons from the area.

Jaysh Al-Izza announced on Sunday that they would not be withdrawing from the buffer zone because the entire demilitarized zone is within their territory.

It remains to be seen whether or not any rebel force will leave the buffer zone, as their failure to do so could result in a military operation by the Syrian military.