October 10, 2018 - 14:41 AMT
Islamic State chief "orders 320 members to be killed for disloyalty"

Islamic State (IS) chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi has called on hundreds of followers to be executed for disloyalty to the militant group, Al-Masdar News says.

Citing intelligence reports, Shafaq News stated that Baghdadi ordered 320 members of the group to be executed for disloyalty in Syria and Iraq.

The report said Baghdadi “issued an order to kill 320 of his followers for their betrayal of the so-called Islamic State and their recklessness, a matter which inflicted heavy losses on the group in both Iraq and Syria.”

According to the sources, there are high-profile commanders on Baghdadi’s list, including Abu al-Baraa al-Ansari, Sief al-Din al-Iraqi, Abu Otham al-Tal Afari, Abu Iman al-Mowahed and Marawan Hadid al-Suri.

This execution order comes just a week after Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) carried out a large-scale assault on the Islamic State’s positions near the key border-city of Albukamal.