October 17, 2018 - 01:03 AMT
RA to build 3rd highway to Artsakh on Aras coastline

Armenia will build 3rd highway to Artsakh. The information was passed by the President of Artakh, Bako Sahakyan on October 15 during his meeting with Lebanese-Armenian businessmen.

Group of shareholders of Artsakh Roots Investment (ARI) company (founded by over 200 mostly Lebanese-Armenian businessmen) which included about 25 people, was in Artsakh from October 13-16 for a regular visit in order to learn about the results of the previous years, have meetings with officials of Artakh as well as discuss organisational details of “Artsakh-2018” conference, reports civilnet.am.

During the meeting with shareholders of ARI, Bako Sahakyan stated that the 3rd, Southern highway between Armenia and Artsakh is planned to be built on Aras coastline very soon.

Bako Sahakyan also stated that Vardenis-Martakert highway not only has increased the security of Artsakh but also had an economic effect: in particular tourism in the region has increased, food and service points as well as hydropower stations were and are being built on the coastlines of Tartar and Lev rivers.

After the war in Artsakh, Hayastan All Armenian Fund started the construction of Goris-Stepanakert highway. The second road connecting Armenia to Artsakh, Vardenis-Martaket highway was opened in September 2017. The road was built with the donations of all Armenians- with the support of the means collected during TV marathons in 2013 and 2014 by Hayastan All Armenian Fund and the governments of Armenia and Artsakh.