October 18, 2018 - 18:44 AMT
Pashinyan: Operative connection was established between governments of Armenia and Azerbaijan

Operative connection was established between the governments of Armenia and Azerbaijan. The information was passed by the Acting Prime Minister of RA, Nikol Pashinyan during a briefing with journalists.

“As agreed, a reliable operative connection was established with the Azeri side and we can say that the information mutually reachs the president of Azerbaijan within 30 minutes; and if there is information from their side, it will reach us as well”, said Nikol Pashinyan as reported by Aysor.am.

To the journalists’ question- will it be possible to contact Azeri government in case of ceasefire violations; Pashinyan gave a positive answer and stated that there will be no contact for each case.

“It’s not like that for each case we make the contact but in case of necessity we will”, stated that acting PM. According to him, “currently the situation at the Artsakh-Azerbaijan contact line is unprecedentedly calm and this is somehow a result of Dushanbe agreement”.