October 20, 2018 - 20:48 AMT
Pashinyan: people started blocking streets for any problem they have

Acting Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan announced that “people started blocking streets for any problem they have” during the recent rally in Kapan.

“The situation in Armenia reached the point when two neighbours have an argument they go out to the street each block one road. This is not so much welcomed, you know?” announced Pashinyan, as reported by Panorama.am.

The recent rally in Kapan was organized to support the candidacy of Narek Babayan to the post of Mayor of the city. “Now you would think that this is announced by a person who had blocked all the roads of Armenia. Yes! This is announced by the person who had blocked the roads of all Armenia (at least by whose urge they were blocked), but when I had blocked 10 roads I apologised for any inconvenience for 1000 times and finally provided explanations and eventually received the permission of the people to do so”, stated Pashinyan in his speech urging the people not to behave in such a way and not to make that freedom a problem for other citizens; environment of mutual respect should be established in Armenia.

“There will be no one in Armenia whose voice will not be heard so there is no need to shout”, announced Pashinyan and woke up by own loud voice himself: “this regards me at the first place. Well this happens- when you talk and see it didn’t work out”.

He also stated that there are people who block the roads for a just request. “But doesn’t the government listen to you? Raise your voice and you will be heard. Today media is as free as ever before. There is no need to block streets, devalue the action and make it a daily household use item”, stated Pashinyan.

Earlier the inhabitants of Syunik blocked the road in Goris complaining from the government decision of appointing Hunan Poghosyan as governor. Newly appointed governor, Hunan Poghosyan was also on the stage during the rally in Kapan.