October 24, 2018 - 14:32 AMT
President proposes holding a Horasis meeting in Armenia

President Armen Sarkissian has proposed holding one of the upcoming meetings of Horasis Center in Armenia.

In Geneva, Sarkissian met with Frank-Jürgen Richter - a German entrepreneur, founding director of the Horasis Center which is operating in Switzerland.

Horasis is an independence analytical center which organizes meetings and proposes strategic solutions for the challenges which our world and corporations are facing today.

Among the participants of the Horasis events are well-known public figures, including heads of state and government, presidents of international corporations.

Richter offered the President of Armenia to become a special speaker at the annual Horasis Global Meeting which will take place in Portugal next year. President Sarkissian, in turn, proposed Horasis to look into the possibility of conducting one of the upcoming gatherings in Armenia.

The parties also stressed the importance of cooperation with the Armenian analytical centers as well as implementation of joint programs in the sector of education.