November 5, 2018 - 11:09 AMT
Syrian army launches heavy attack on militants in southern Idlib

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) unleashed a heavy attack along the southern axis of the Idlib Governorate on Sunday, November 4 night, a military source said, according to Al-Masdar News.

The Syrian army fired a plethora of surface-to-surface missiles and artillery shells towards the militant defenses in the towns of Al-Taman’ah and Sukeek.

The attack in southern Idlib would then spread to the northern countryside of the Hama Governorate, where the Syrian army once against targeted the militant defenses with artillery shells and surface-to-surface missiles.

The militants would then respond to the Syrian Arab Army’s attack by launching their own strikes on the latter’s posts near the towns of Al-Lataminah and Lahaya in northern Hama.

The violent exchange would last for several hours last night before both sides finally halted their hostilities towards one another.

Despite the announcement of the Idlib buffer zone agreement by the Turkish and Russian presidents on September 17th in Sochi, the Syrian military and rebel forces are still attacking one another on a daily basis.

Both sides have accused the other of violating the ceasefire agreement; however, much of the animosity on the Syrian Army’s side derives from the fact that the militants have yet to withdraw from the designated demilitarized zone.