November 24, 2018 - 12:23 AMT
Belarus sold $500 million worth of weapons to Azerbaijan in 10 years

Belarus has sold weapons and military equipment worth about $500 million to Azerbaijan throughout 10 years, 42.TUT.BY reports citing unofficial data.

Part of the data on international transactions is available on the website of the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs.

In particular, Azerbaijan has purchased 150 units of T-72 tanks, 12 Pion self-propelled artillery installations, 120 units of D-30 howitzer, 12 SU-25 aircraft, 2 Buk missile systems, 2 Stiletto short-range air defence missile systems, 10 Polonez Multiple Launch Rocket Systems and more.

This is not the whole range of weapons that Belarus supplies to Azerbaijan, the publication says.

“Belarus has supplied 60 units of BTR-70 armored personnel carriers and an unknown number of Skif anti-tank systems,” it says.

“Also, Minsk has been assembling Belarusian military vehicles MAZ 6317 and MAZ 5317 military vehicles for Azerbaijan.”