February 15, 2019 - 13:50 AMT
Global Finance: Ameriabank named Armenia’s best investment bank

The Global Finance magazine has named Ameriabank the best investment bank in Armenia for the fourth year in a row, the bank said in a statement on Friday, February 15.

The assessment takes into consideration such key standards as market share, amount and volume of transactions, quality of service, consulting services, innovation, pricing, capabilities of primary placement in capital markets and service in secondary ones, reputation in the market, wide network of financial institutions cooperating in the international financial market, to name a few.

The complete list of all the winners in the Best Investment Bank 2018 category will be published in the April edition of Global Finance magazine.

Ameriabank is a universal bank providing investment, corporate and retail banking services in a comprehensive package of banking solutions. It is the first investment bank in Armenia, which has been providing a wide range of innovative banking services since 2008.