February 28, 2019 - 18:05 AMT
Tokyo will ban smoking and vaping at 2020 Olympics

Visitors to next year’s Tokyo Olympics will face some of the toughest smoking restrictions of any Games after the organisers announced a total ban in a country known for its love of tobacco, The Independent reports.

Smoking – including e-cigarettes – will be outlawed at all indoor and outdoor Olympic and Paralympic venues, including perimeter areas run by the Tokyo Games.

The prohibition is tougher than regulations for the last two Summer Olympics in London and Rio de Janeiro, Japanese authorities said.

At many sporting venues in Japan a designated smoking area is provided - however this will not be the case next summer.

The ban follows pressure from the International Olympic Committee to initiate public health policies – including improving air and water quality – before the games

Tokyo is still a smoker's heaven. Despite tougher laws enacted last year, smokers can light up in some restaurants and bars, and tobacco advertising is allowed on television.