March 25, 2019 - 16:18 AMT
Barbados cultivating medical marijuana industry

The Caribbean island of Barbados' Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley recently announced plans to establish a medical marijuana industry project implementation unit. The unit's mandate will be to establish an administrative framework for a medical marijuana program and bring it to fruition, Forbes reports.

Prime Minister Mottley, known for her passionate speeches, mentioned during her administration's 2019-2020 national budget speech, earlier this week, that the unit's director will be responsible for galvinizing the project and ensuring that it includes an expansive educational campaign.

Prime minister Mottley said it was necessary to elucidate to Barbadians “what we are doing with the development of this new industry and how it can help many many Bajans in the management of serious medical conditions." Additionally Mottley describes that one of the specific responsibilities of the soon-to-be-established unit will be to facilitate the organization of a medical marijuana authority and Board, which will be jointly responsible for regulating the industry, as well as implementing bureaucratic procedures.

She told legislators that the island seeks to establish partnerships with experienced investors with knowledge of the sector.

Most likely, Canadian cannabis companies will heed the call and prepare their pitch decks.

Mottley mentions this will include the assistance of the University of the West Indies. The college will provide vocational training.