April 9, 2019 - 11:38 AMT
IDeA Foundation seeks to boost healthcare innovation in Armenia

Initiatives for Development of Armenia (IDeA) Foundation is launching a new platform to boost healthcare innovation in Armenia and beyond.

The IDeA Foundation’s development strategy for Armenia and Artsakh targets five geographic areas: Dilijan-Sevan, Tatev-Goris, Yerevan-Etchmiadzin, Stepanakert-Shushi and Gyumri. With clear strategic priorities and a global perspective for Armenia’s progress, IDeA has created entry platforms based on 10 development models. Each platform aims at ensuring sustainable long-term impact on Armenia and the Armenian community worldwide. Some of the platforms that have already been launched, such as Educational, Financial, Technological, Identity Engagement, Ecological are successfully implementing projects in Armenia and worldwide.

Healthcare is one of the Foundation’s 10 priority areas. IDeA Foundation has so far carried out several preliminary studies on the topic, initiated projects, conducted research on the regional and global practices, and has been in collaboration discussions with globally renowned institutions and Academic Medical Centres in the United States (UCLA), the Netherlands (Philips), South Korea (Cha Group) and Russia (Skolkovo Healthcare Development Centre).

It’s important to note that IDeA will join efforts with its sister organisation – Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST) to find creative approaches for the empowerment of the healthcare platform.

“The Healthcare platform shall become an innovative and systemic driver for health solutions in Armenia. FAST will help foster innovation and breakthrough discoveries within the Healthcare platform and the education in medicine”, said Armen Orujyan, Founding CEO of FAST.

“This is yet another ambitious initiative by IDeA Foundation in our journey to contributing to the holistic development of the country. Armenia has a huge potential to become an innovative healthcare hub. Our efforts are currently focused on mobilizing all creative solutions, ideas and resources to turn Armenia into a destination for world-class healthcare services and research”, stated Rafi Baghdjian, CEO of IDeA Foundation.

The concept of the healthcare platform is in the development phase with a firm commitment to explore a holistic approach towards the healthcare, by innovating education, research and service delivery. The end goal is to make Armenia an innovative hub for health services and research on the regional and global levels.