August 15, 2019 - 11:26 AMT
Lydian "relieved, heartened" as Amulsar report released

Lydian International Limited announced Wednesday, August 14 that the company is "relieved" and "heartened" after the release of a report on the environmental audit conducted by "Earth Link & Advanced Resources Development" on the Amulsar Project.

Edward Sellers, Interim President & CEO of Lydian, commented: “We are relieved that the Audit Report has been made public, as the government of Armenia has repeatedly conditioned Lydian’s ability to advance the Amulsar Project on its results. We look forward to reading the full text of the Audit Report and are confident it will confirm Lydian’s prudential approach to environmental stewardship. We are also heartened to know that there are no grounds for criminal prosecution or the continuation of criminal proceedings against Lydian relating to the Audit Report.”

Sellers continued: “It has been a tough year for many thousands of direct and indirect stakeholders in the Amulsar Project. We want to thank our employees, contractors, suppliers, communities, lenders, shareholders and other supporters who believed in Lydian throughout the process.”

Lydian’s Amulsar Project has been subject to three full-scale environmental audits since July last year. Lydian has fully cooperated with all audits.