November 18, 2019 - 16:40 AMT
Syrian Kurds call on Assad to enter new peace talks

The multi-ethnic Self-Administration of North and East Syria organization has called on the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad to accept their proposal for a new round of peace talks in order to end the current stalemate preventing a political solution in northeast Syria, Kurdistan 24 reported on Sunday, November 17.

According to a member of the Self-Administration of North and East Syria, the organization is not seeking to divide Syria, despite President Assad’s accusations during his interviews last week.

The co-chair of the Executive Council of the Administration, Abdul Hamid Al-Mehbash, reportedly told Kurdistan 24 that his organization had “no objective to divide Syria.”

“The statements and accusations made against us that claim we seek to divide Syria are untrue and unrealistic,” Mehbash added.

While there is an agreement between the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) an Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northeast Syria, Damascus and the Syrian Democratic Council (political wing of the SDF) have yet to reach a settlement to end their political divide.