January 10, 2020 - 19:06 AMT
Hrant Dink Foundation unveils app for exploring Istanbul culture

Hrant Dink Foundation, whose main objective is the normalisation and development of Turkey's relations with Armenia, has designed a mobile application guiding people through the multicultural memory of İstanbul, Bianet reports.

Designed as a personal tour guide in Turkish and English, KarDes app offers an insight into the multicultural legacy and multilayered fabric of the city. The app makes it possible to discover the locations and histories of nearly 900 multicultural buildings in İstanbul and see old photographs of various neighborhoods and sites in the city.

Aiming to make the unknown places of İstanbul visible and their stories heard, the app offers personal tours taking around 2 hours. The app has been prepared as a result of extensive research and consists of personal tours with 9 to 15 stops within walking distance.

Hrant Dink was an outspoken figure on the issue of the 1915 Armenian genocide, which the Turkish state denies took place. He was prosecuted three times for insulting Turkishness, an offence according to Article 301 of the Turkish penal code. His assassination by a Turkish ultranationalist gunman in front of the Istanbul offices of bilingual Turkish-Armenian newspaper Agos on Jan. 19, 2007 sparked nationwide protests.