February 20, 2020 - 10:41 AMT
Google now selling Titan security keys in Europe too

Google's Titan security keys are now available in more regions. The company started selling them in the US a month after they were launched, and while it eventually rolled them out to more countries, their availability remained limited.

Now, the tech giant has announced on its security blog that the Titan Security Key bundle (consisting of a USB-A/NFC key and a Bluetooth/USB/NFC key), as well as the USB-C Titan Security Key are now being sold on the Google Store in Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland, Engadget says.

In addition, the USB-C key that Google teamed up with Yubico on is now also available in Canada, France, Japan and the UK. Google previously released the bundle in those regions, but now users in those areas can also get keys compatible with their USB-C devices.

Google has been championing the use of hardware security keys over traditional two-factor authentication for quite some time now. When it announced the Titan keys, it also revealed that it was able to completely cut out phishing attacks against 85,000 employees by requiring them to use the security hardware. While people in other regions can buy security keys from other brands, we hope this marks the beginning of a wider rollout for Google's Titan keys.