March 3, 2020 - 14:10 AMT
BMW teases upcoming Concept i4 electric car

Ahead of the i4's official debut sometime in 2021, BMW has unveiled a concept version of the upcoming all-electric sedan. Dubbed the Concept i4, the vehicle would have been on display at the cancelled Geneva Motor Show, giving BMW fans an idea of what to expect from the in-development EV, Engadget says.

While BMW says some of the Concept i4's design elements will carry over to the production model, it's probably best not to read too much into the current design. If you compare the Concept i4 to the camouflaged prototype BMW shared photos of last November there are some significant visual differences between the two cars that suggest the production i4 will feature a more conservative design. For instance, the very prominent grille of the Concept i4 looks a lot more subdued on the car that was shown last year.

That said, one element that will make its way to the production model is the curved dashboard display inside the car. BMW says this is the same display it plans to integrate into its iNext crossover. You'll be able to use the display in three different modes called Core, Sport and Efficient. Each of the modes changes the look and feel of the digital interface. In the i4 Concept's case, these modes also tweak the ambient lighting.