March 5, 2020 - 18:21 AMT
Ucom offers 2x more Internet to buyers of new smartphone

Ahead of the spring holidays, Ucom has unveiled an offer for the most in-demand smartphone models up for grabs at the company's service centers.

In case of acquiring a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 T smartphone equipped with 4 main cameras at AMD 80 800, all new and existing subscribers of uPrepaid and Universal/ Universal Plus Postpaid voice services will get x2 more internet without any obligations.

Gigabytes will be doubled depending on the conditions of a particular tariff plan. Thus, uPrepaid subscribers can get up to 12 GB of internet volume, while the Universal/ Universal Plus subscribers have a chance to receive up to 90 GB during 2 consecutive years.

“As always, ahead of the holidays, Ucom mobile customers can not only acquire a fast charging and NFC-enabled Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 T with 4 main cameras, a 6.3-inch full screen and a powerful battery, but also choose one from the widest range of other brands. For us, it is important that you benefit from every opportunity of staying in touch with your close ones, that's why we offer x2 more gigabytes with any smartphone bought from Ucom”, said Hayk Yesayan, the Co-Founder and Director General at Ucom.

The offer is valid for any smartphone, acquired both in cash and on hire purchase.