March 6, 2020 - 11:47 AMT
Apple lets iOS developers send push notifications

Apple has updated its App Store guidelines to allow iOS app developers to send ads using push notifications, Developer Tech News reports.

The new rules will only permit sending push advertisements to users if they agree to it. Users must also be able to opt-out of the ads whenever they want.

Apple itself has sent out push notifications in the past that have been very much like ads. The company has been criticized for having one rule for itself, and another for everyone else.

The changes being implemented help to give developers more flexibility in their marketing approach while ensuring users retain full control.

While it may seem likely that users will just reject any request to be served ads, many will likely do so if there’s a clear benefit. People with an app installed for their favourite clothing brand, for example, may welcome a push notification to alert them when a sale is on.

The ability for users to easily opt-out also helps to ensure developers are considerate about the adverts they push in order not to be spammy but genuinely helpful.

Another important update from Apple is a deadline for “Sign in with Apple” to be implemented. All apps with single sign-on systems must offer Apple’s alternative by April 30.