March 18, 2020 - 13:23 AMT
Aeroflot cancels flights to Armenia due to air traffic restrictions

Aeroflot has changed its schedule from March 19 to 28 due to air traffic restrictions between Armenia and Russia, the Russian Embassy in Yerevan said on Facebook.

The carrier has cancelled flights SU1868 (departure from Moscow at 20:40) and SU1966 (departure from Moscow at 23:20) between March 19 and 28, and flights SU1869 (departure from Yerevan at 02: 55) and SU1967 (departure from Yerevan at 04:55) from March 20 to 28.

The carrier says no penalties will be collected from the exchange and refund of tickets of canceled flight.

Armenia and Russia on Monday, March 16 agreed to limit passenger traffic between the two countries for two weeks. The measure is aimed at stopping the spread of the novel coronavirus which has already claimed thousands of lives across the globe.

So far, Russia has reported 114 confirmed coronavirus cases, while Armenia has 84 in total.