March 18, 2020 - 17:25 AMT
Germany's Big Brother cast told about coronavirus after 1-month isolation

Contestants of the German edition of reality TV show Big Brother have now been told about the coronavirus pandemic.

The current series has drawn attention in recent days for the fact that those participating had not been told about the state of the world outside, having been inside the house since February 6, Digital Spy reports.

However, in a live edition that aired on March 17, host Jochen Schropp and resident doctor Dr Andreas Kaniewski told those assembled from behind a glass screen how COVID-19 had spread since they entered.

As well as being shown a video explaining what had happened and asking questions, the housemates received video messages from their loved ones, some breaking out in tears.

It comes after broadcaster Sat 1 previously decided not to tell the contestants, saying they would only be updated on the situation if deemed necessary.

Big Brother is also taking place in Australia, with the housemates there also informed about the pandemic this week.