April 30, 2020 - 13:50 AMT
Armenia Health Minister: 17 Covid-19 patients in critical condition

Health Minister Arsen Torosyan said on Thursday, April 30 that 17 coronavirus patients in Armenia are in a critical condition, while 59 are in a serious condition.

So far, 2066 cases have been registered, 929 people have recovered, 32 have died from the coronavirus in the country, while two others carrying the virus have died from other causes.

Torosyan said the increase of Covid-19 cases by 134 new infections in a single day is worrying.

Should the dynamic remain unchanged, the Health Minister said, the country will stop hospitalizing patients with no symptoms.

"I suppose we have 5-6 days before facing such a decision," he said.

Torosyan also revealed that one of the carriers has attended a funeral which has resulted in the spike of infections on Thursday.

Armenia has extended the state of emergency in the country by May 14 and restricted the movement of citizens.