June 1, 2020 - 15:34 AMT
Kids of Kotayk and Tavush children's villages receive tablets

Galaxy Group of Companies, in cooperation with the SOS Children's Villages Armenia Charitable Foundation, has unveiled a social responsibility program for the kids of Kotayk and Tavush children's villages.

Within the project, 50 beneficiaries of SOS, in addition to gifts and surprises, were provided with tablets and a permanent Ucom connection, so that they do not miss the classes.

“Children are one of the most vulnerable groups in society and demand daily attention, love and protection, especially in these difficult times of global pandemic,” the Company said in a message marking the Children’s Day on June 1.

“Today, a generation of bright and talented children is growing up in our country, and it is our duty to ensure and guarantee their right to education, to create equal opportunities especially for children in vulnerable groups. Our social responsibility programs are, first of all, development projects. We believe in the potential of children and we hope that with small steps, with our approach and care, we will bring a positive change,” said Aram Khachatryan, co-founder and CEO of Galaxy Group of Companies.

The joint project of Galaxy Group of Companies and SOS Children's Villages Foundation has an educational and motivating component in addition to social support. Within the project, the leaders and employees of the group of companies shared their stories with the children in handwritten letters, assuring and inspiring them that everything is possible with education and hard work.

“It is very important for the children of our villages to continue their education remotely because most of the children are of school age. We are very happy that in today's difficult situation, when education is carried out in a remote way, Galaxy Group of Companies, with its support, takes care of the children's needs related to education. It is very important that the organizations operating in our country cooperate with us, try to lighten our burden with charity and donations, and help realize children’s right to education from afar,” said Spartak Sargsyan, Director of the Armenian Office of the SOS Children's Villages Charitable Foundation.

Naturally, children perceive June 1 as a holiday, so books, sweets and smiles were sent to the children as well.

In order not to reveal the identities of the children in vulnerable groups, they will not be shown in any of the campaign videos.