June 19, 2020 - 14:53 AMT
Convalescent plasma is safe for Covid-19 patients, says research

Convalescent plasma — blood from recovered patients who had Covid-19 — that has been transfused to hospitalized patients is considered safe, CNN reports citing a new study.

The study published Thursday, June 19 in Mayo Clinic Proceedings looked at results from 20,000 patients.

Researchers from the US Food and Drug Administration’s Expanded Access Program for Covid-19 looked at the results from patients who doctors thought might progress to a severe or life-threatening stage of the illness. They were transfused between April 3 and June 11.

Less than 1% of patients experienced serious adverse events. The number of people who died declined to 8.6% at the 7th day of the trial, compared to the 12% who died in a previous part of the safety study of 5,000 patients.

“Our efforts to understand convalescent plasma continue,” said author Dr. Michael Joyner on the Mayo Clinic website. Joyner is a principal investigator at Mayo Clinic. “We’re optimistic, but must remain objective as we assess increasing amounts of data.”

The authors caution that just because the treatment is safe, doesn’t mean that it is effective in treating Covid-19.

The study has limitations and more research will need to be done to determine if this works with this disease. There are several studies underway.