January 30, 2009 - 21:57 AMT
Armenia to participate in Eurovision 2009 first semi-final
On January 30, 2009, the draw held in Mariott Aurora Moscow decided which countries will appear in either the first or second semi-final of Eurovision Song Contest 2009.

Going on last years' system of events, all countries were separated into six individual pots based on voting patterns in previous contests. The draw has been created to ensure countries who are most likely to give each other points in the competition will not participate in the same semi-final. Out of these six pots it was known which countries would participate in the first semi-final and the second semi-final respectively. It was also determined that Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom would vote in the first semi-final, while France and Russia would vote in the second semi-final. The draw for the running order of the semi-finals, finals, and the order of voting, will occur in March 2009.

The list of the first semi-final performers included Armenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Sweden, Israel, Belgium, Andorra, the Czech Republic, Montenegro, Island, Georgia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Switzerland, Macedonia, Finland, Belarus, Turkey, Romania and Malta.

Slovenia, Denmark, Azerbaijan, Netherlands, Latvia, Hungary, Serbia, Norway, Ukraine, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Croatia, Estonia, Moldova, Cyprus, Ireland, Slovakia and Albania will appear in the send semi-final.

According to preliminary data, Armenia will be represented by Inga and Anoush Arshakyan sisters.