July 30, 2020 - 12:12 AMT
Jordan summons Baku envoy over Azerbaijan's "astonishing" comments

Jordan's Foreign Ministry summoned Azerbaijani Ambassador in Amman Rasim Rzayev late on Tuesday, July 28, following a statement issued by the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry on the summoning of the Jordanian ambassador in Baku on Monday, Ahram reports.

The ministry expressed its "astonishment" to Rzayev over the summoning of the Jordanian ambassador, as Jordan's diplomat was told that the meeting was for discussions rather than a summoning, according to a Foreign Ministry statement.

The ministry also expressed astonishment over remarks by Azeri officials about Jordan that included "allegations that Jordan exports weapons to Armenia."

The statement said Jordanian defense industries export to private companies, and "there is an open international market with private companies that work under international laws and constraints governing their work."

Azerbaijani media reported earlier that Jordan has allegedly shipped RPG-32 grenade launchers to Armenia. The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry then summoned the Jordanian envoy who reportedly said he understands Baku's concerns.