August 15, 2020 - 15:50 AMT
Lebanon's Covid-19 cases exceed 8,000, death toll stands at 94

Lebanon's number of Covid-19 infections increased on Friday, August 14 by 334 to 8,045 while death toll went up by two to 94, the Health Ministry said, according to Xinhua.

The Lebanese health sector has been facing tough challenges following the explosions that rocked Beirut on Aug. 4, killing at least 177 people and wounding over 6,000 others.

Hospitals could not offer services to all injured people prompting foreign countries to send field hospitals to help treating the injured and receiving Covid-19 patients.

Lebanon has been fighting against Covid-19 since Feb. 21.

The country has received several donations from different countries for the fight against Covid-19 including China which offered on June 11 around 17,500 masks, 1,500 protective gears, 1,320 goggles and 1,000 shoes covers to Lebanese public hospitals.